Double Trouble Mastino is located in the sunny state of Florida. 

We are two dog breeders that have come together with our experience to create a home for the dogs we both love.

Our website is not always up to date as we choose to spend more time with our dogs. 

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Annibale Passione e amoreLeandro Dello Stradone VesuvianoCaliffo Dello Stradone Vesuviano
Pupetta Dello Stradone Vesuviano
Teodora di Fondo AnfossiAntonio Dello Stradone Vesuviano
Ottavia di Fondo Anfossi
Cara Brilliant Slovak-FlesLucius Brilliant Slovak-FlesVittorio del Gheno
Carmen Mastino od Laciho
Opium del GhenoMister del Gheno
Bice del Gheno

Gordon has just arrived at Double Trouble.  He was imported from Slovakia at 4 months of age. 

He has a great head and a nice deep chest for his age.  Looking forward to watching him grow.

(Annibale Passione e Amore x Cara Brillant Slovak-Fles)


September 8, 2017

Gordon od Janiho

Breeder: Jan Mezo