Double Trouble Mastino is located in the sunny state of Florida. 

We are two dog breeders that have come together with our experience to create a home for the dogs we both love.

Our website is not always up to date as we choose to spend more time with our dogs. 

Please email, text or call with questions!


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MISS RBIS GCHB Ursula Del Vezuvia, CGC Mastino.

GCHS Maximus Del Vezuvia Mastino TKA VHMA

HOFCH Magnolia's Dare To Dream Harmonious Huey, CGC

CH Justa Call Me Wally

Both achieved the pinnacle of their breeds not once but twice. 

John having won the USNMC Nationals with

CH. Justa Call Me Wally two years in a row and

Stacey winning the BBCA Nationals with

HOF CH Magnolia's Dare To Dream Harmonious Huey, WSCSgCH-G, CGC two years in a row. 

With careful planning they moved into building a kennel to represent the dogs they both love.

Thus Double Trouble was born. 

A play on the fact that once you achieve the highest standing in your breed in your country you are looked at as "Trouble" to other breeders.  The "Double" comes in as they both did it twice.

Stacey's love of dogs started in childhood when every stray dog "followed" her home.  She attended every dog show she could and started showing her dogs in Obedience.  While she took time off to raise a family the dogs kept calling her.  She began breeding & showing Biewer a la Pom Pon.  She loves nothing more then getting a puppy who refuses to walk on a lead walking.  She has been referred to as the puppy whisperer.  She is now the owner of ICKC dog shows which she enjoys running with John.

John started in Neapolitan Mastiffs &

Dogue de Bordeaux in 1985 while living in Canada.  He has dedicated his life to showing, breeding, and running Rarites Dog Shows (now known as International Canine Kennel Club).  His love of dogs shows when he is around them and it as been said he sweats gravy as every dog loves to be with him.

‚ÄčBrought together in early 2011 by changes in both their lives,

John Seibel & Stacey Johnson represent Double Trouble Mastino